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Interview for VladTV

Arriving at the music studio, Rax Trax, located in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago: Rax Trax has a very cool atmosphere with deep history of recording legendary musicians. When you walk into the studio, you feel the vibes of the great talents have recorded here. We had a good feeling about how the filming will go today!

We are carrying tons of gear, but the studio’s relaxed atmosphere makes us forget that, and the recording technicians are helping us a lot too. And the really friendly owner Mr. Rick Barnes is even there to greet us. It is lucky and a great honor to meet him. He starts playing a grand piano while we are setting up. He is a talented pianist too!

O.K. We are here to interview the Osundairo brothers, who were involved in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax.

We want great images with depth of field and best sound for this interview for VladTV. This is our second gig for them.

We have 3 cameras, 2 wireless mics, 2 booms and several lights for this interview. Lots to set up with 2 of us. We thought we might have down time before the brothers show up, but it was just about 2 hours for us to set up everything!

VladTV has certain aesthetics and camera angles. So, after we setting up the initial camera positions, we Facetime them to make sure our set up is what they are looking for.

And, it is the time, Osundairo brothers show up, they are on time. Younger brother Abel is very friendly, he asks my name, and immediately he knows that I am Japanese and we chat about how important it is to speak more than two languages, teach it to our children. I did not expect to have that conversation with them. I appreciate his perspective toward different language and culture.

I can talk a lot more about who they are and what they say really happened in the Jussie Smolett hoax attack, but it is best to watch their interviews, of course!

Vlad really spends time from how they grow up to what they do now. And it was an almost two-hour interview! They did not complain a bit. And surely, Vlad researched them thoroughly.

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